plastik_fo_faux (plastik_fo_faux) wrote,

I absolutely love this bag.I can't stop looking at it. I refuse to.
I've been off my  C H A N E L kick for a bit...and on a Louis kick.
I've been eyeballing the "shopper" series that EVERYONE
seems to be turning out. I predict a tremendous back-draft
of grunge inspired pieces because the past 5 years have
been all about luxury and glamour and throwback. Luckily i'll
take no part in that. Even when my friends and I are standing in
alleys outside of seedy dives waiting to smuggle ourselves into
the next hometown heroes talent show manifesto I manage to
throw on some crock ankle boots and spend 37 minutes on
the placement of every hair of my bangs.
Managed some Dior make-up bags and the BEST polka dotted
trumpet skirt...and some Halloween novelty decorations from
the 60's for the boyfriend. As of late, my shopping has come to
a stand-still. The last thing I bought was a tan.
Yeah, you guessed it.
I've gone through my yearly..I'm ganjiro...PSYCHE....
Fall always looks best when my skin is amber colored.
I've made a personal vow not to get darker than CHANEL No.5
Somebody please call...bollocks on me.

Next Time,
||V|| ][ -C H A N
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