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Friends only. Comment to be added. but beware.
"If I'd observed all the rules,
I'd never have got anywhere." -MARILYN MONROE
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I poke you?

How are you doing? Is everything going okay with what we talked about on the phone?
I totally didn't realize that you had me added as a friend ~ I hope I didn't offend you by not adding ya back sooner. Peace ;3
Not a chance.
Thanks for the add back.
Add me plz! I've been looking like crazy for gyaru ljs!
let`s be friends bebe ♪(。・-・)从(・-・。)♪ ♥
Hi! I'm Becca,
you have my old journal starsprinkles_ added but you don't have me added on my newer journal. Add me?
ε(❀◕‿◕ฺ)з ㋵✿ฺ㋺✿ฺ㋛✿ฺ㋗✿ฺ㋧✿ฺ♬ε(◕‿◕✿ฺ)з

Deleted comment

That is more than okay.
I find you fetching P-Tan.
Let's be besties.
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But. I forgot link to it :(

Can you give me link to the xrumer description? screenshots, etc.

Thank you
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